In 2019, I closed the chapter on my 17 year career in insurance to pursue God’s plan for my life. My career had often taken priority over my relationship with God and my family and I needed to refocus. I have always had a passion for projects and decorating. I’m realizing that God gives us those talents and passions to share with others so that we can better His kingdom. When you share something that your heart is attached to, you make yourself vulnerable and that is scary. But that journey can become our testimony, if we allow it to. When I can embrace moving forward in spite of my fears, I open the door to God’s strength.

So in 2020, I launched Truly Ignited, Living Recreated.  Truly Ignited is my journey to pursuing God’s calling for my life. It is sharing my passion for creating inspiring spaces in homes. It is recreating beautiful from the ordinary, the unwanted and the unloved pieces. It is recreating me.

I will share my successes, my failures, the beautiful, the broken and everything in between. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Yours truly,
Leslie A. Lybarger