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Draw Attention by Using Simple Techniques to Design Tablescapes


If you’ve spent more time looking at your home décor lately thinking it needs an update, this article is for you.

One of my passions is recreating my décor on a budget by using things I already have. What do you need to do this?  An item that needs recreating and spray paint.  Yep, spray paint.  Spray paint has come a long way.  My latest recreation was a sentimental one and I’m so happy with the end result!

I inherited a bread pan that my late Grandma had used so it was really old.  It was one of those things that just got tucked away in a cabinet and I never used.  Since I love recreating pieces that have history, I decided to turn the bread pan into something I see on a daily basis. Here’s what I did.

First and most importantly, clean whatever you are going to be painting. I use a can of air duster to get the crevices and wipe it down with mineral spirits. Make sure you have the proper safety set up (mask, goggles, well ventilated space in your garage).

Second, you need good spray paint.  I am loving the Chalked Spray paint for a matte finish and  Rustoleum Imagine for metallic finishes (Target & Hobby Lobby). Spray paint your piece, let it dry (24 hours is best) and then get creative!

I used floral foam from Dollar Tree that I simply set in the bottom and added succulents that I stole from another arrangement I already had and didn’t like. Recreation complete and now I can enjoy decor that reminds me of my Grandma.
















Wondering what else you could paint?  I’ve done a paper lamp, old wall art, picture frames, metal baskets, wine bottles, ugly vases, bookends, even furniture- the possibilities are endless!

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