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Five Ways to Refresh Your Livingroom on a Shoestring Budget


My record player console table project is recreated and ready for it’s new home!

One of the things I pray for is to constantly be in the classroom of life lessons during any project. To learn and grow in Christ with anything I create. And this one did NOT disappoint! 😂

I bought this old non working record player for $10!!! Completed project cost was about $60- and many many hours. My best guess based on what I could salvage is that it was made in the 60s. My original vision was not this final product. Because once I got to the demo of all the electrical, I found the insides were literally falling apart. Just cause something (or someone) looks all put together on the outside doesn’t mean they are thriving as God intended. Without a solid foundation, no amount of paint was going to bring the original purpose back to this table.

So I rebuilt it from the inside out. It doesn’t play music anymore. But I’m learning the purpose of anything is constantly evolving. This record player has a new purpose- a beautiful console table. This table is living recreated. ❤️


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