my journey

Truly Ignited is my re-creation story & recreated home decor business. I went through many major life changes this past year after Jesus began working on my heart in 2017. What started as trading one demanding full-time career for another, turned into God calling me out of full time work all together, to focus on His calling for me as a mom and to homeschool my two girls. I realized the worldly dreams I’d spent my whole life chasing still left me feeling empty. To live a life where your heart is Truly Ignited- on fire for all that God created you to be- can only be done through pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a path that requires sacrifice. It’s a path with more valleys than mountains. But it is the only path to peace here on earth.

My passion has always been recreating home decor. I take the broken, discarded, no longer wanted and turn it into something beautiful, just like Jesus does with us! My heart changes with each piece I complete and I’m learning patience and grace like I’ve never known! My re-creations often come to fruition as a family effort. My husband, Tim, and two daughters are always willing to jump and help with projects. My girls might even have their own re-creations in my booth occasionally. The ability to take on this adventure as a family is one of the biggest blessings to come from our changes.

My booth at Hausita Antiques & Home Revival here in New Braunfels, TX is a combination of my re-creations, some gems that just needed a little love and items I love to use when decorating. My projects are never perfect, nor will I strive to make them so. Sometimes I even leave some hidden imperfections on purpose. Living Recreated isn’t forgetting what used to be, it’s allowing beauty to be created because of it. There will come a time when Jesus takes us home and only then we will know perfection. Until then, I choose to seek joy in the imperfections of this life.

My services are also available as commissioned work recreating furniture or creating custom décor.